In the waiting, He is good.

Ya know, it’s super easy to praise God when things are going exactly as planned in our lives, isn’t it? When the health reports are great, the grades are good, and the relationships are happy, it’s SO easy to say “Yeah, God – I know You’re working here.” What happens when things don’t go as planned, though? Are we still singing the same praises we were when things were good?

Why are People Leaving Christianity?

Christians – Stand firm. Don’t fall for this mentality that allows you to pick and choose what to pull from Scripture. Don’t change what you know to be true because the world says you’re wrong. Right now, we are at war with darkness. Don’t let your emotions lose this fight for you because you're too focused on things that don't matter.

Long time, no see!

“Abortion is a great evil. It’s left an ugly, gaping hole in the world where millions of image-bearing children should be. While the church has largely excelled at calling this despicable spade a spade, she often fails to see this picture: a young, often impoverished, terrified woman – who knows her baby is human! – but considers abortion anyway. Fear is incredibly potent.”