Surviving – Yep, Just Surviving – The Third Trimester

Hello, Friends!

I’m coming to you straight from the woes and wonders of the third trimester, and let me let me tell you something – this time is great – but it’s also horrible – but it’s also great.

Pregnancy in general is H-A-R-D.

You make it through the nausea and exhaustion of the first-trimester.

Then, the second trimester is a little better – some pain, but LOTS of energy and tiny baby kicks – yay!


Third trimester.

Now, here’s the deal with this part of the pregnancy…

You can see the end.

Your days can be just a little bit better because you’re just weeks away from meeting your baby.

BUT the third trimester comes with it’s struggles too.

So – here are some of the awesome things that may be taking place if you’re in this glorious time of pregnancy.

…OR here are some of the things that are going to go on when you reach this glorious time of pregnancy.


Your face (and by face I mean every single body part you have) may be a little rounder – but don’t worry – it’s all good.

Alright, alright – let’s just acknowledge it now – I’m aware of the fact that my weight is shifting. I’m also aware of the fact that I’m about to start looking real weird – that is if I haven’t already. I’ll share these picture comparisons of me before Thomas – 3 months after Thomas – and now of me pregnant with Joyce Anne – forever more for proof of how different pregnant women look. It’s just the name of the game, my friends. Embrace it. Roll with it. Accept all the “you’re glowing” compliments – even though you don’t feel like you are – and keep trucking.

The majority of your time is spent in the bathroom.

This is not me being dramatic or exaggerating at all. Laugh all you want – it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. Now, let’s bear in mind that I’m on baby #2 so my trampoline of a bladder has already been broken in quite nicely – but it’s not a rare occurrence for me to go pee, sit back down on my couch, then immediately be back up needing to pee again. I’m only 32 weeks, so I know there’s still a chance that I’ll pee my pants – but at this point, I’ve managed to keep it together.

Thank you – Thank you.

Please, hold your applause.

third trimester blog

You may – suddenly – be a GREAT delegator.

For those of you that don’t know this about me – I am HORRIBLE at group work.

Why are you horrible at group work, Hannah?

I’m SO glad you asked! I’m horrible at group work because I’m horrible at delegating. I would 100% rather get the work done on my own so that I know it’s done right.

…Except when I’m in my third trimester. The goal in this time is to survive, so I’m finding myself asking my husband to step up his game a little bit. Don’t worry, he’s handled it quite well.

Thanks, Babe.

The floors in your house may be full of things that shouldn’t be there.

Now, this is just the honest truth – I have developed this new thing called laziness. Because of this, when I drop something, I really, really, REALLY don’t wanna pick it up. It’s a lot of work to bend over and get something out of the floor when you have a human resting in your gut that effects every other part of your body – from joints to swollen limbs. The last thing I wanna do is bend over to get something out of the floor. SO, if you’re in my house and you see something along the lines of nail polish, hair holders, spoons, keys, remotes, etc., in my floor – don’t think anything of it.

Aaron will get it.

third trimester blog 4

Shaving anything below your armpits isn’t happening.

Again – being brutally honest, friends.

Now, let’s get one thing clear – I am one that is absolutely 100% for personal hygiene, BUT until you’ve tried to shave your legs with a basketball strapped to your stomach – I don’t want to hear it. Sure, baths are a definite option, but time for those are few and far between. Plus, I’m to the point now where I’d have to call my husband into the bathroom to help hoist me out of the deep abyss that is the bath tub. Ever seen a beached whale being pushed back into the ocean?


Me either, but I would imagine this is a comparable situation.

third trimester blog 2

None of your clothes fit – not even those maternity clothes you spend so much on.

I can spend literally thirty to forty-five minutes just picking out my outfit for the day. Here’s why – my stomach is hanging out of everything at this point in time. SO, the clothes I’m wearing are, easily, three sizes bigger than what I need in order to account for the baby in my belly. All that being said, if you see me anytime from now to the end of November in one of three outfits that looks the exact same – don’t judge. It’s what I’m stuck in for a hot minute – and truly, I’m okay with it.

third trimester blog 1

You’re exhausted – all the time.

Right now, at 32 weeks pregnant, my baby is measuring at about 3lbs 6oz. From now until the time I deliver, my doctors are predicting that she’ll nearly triple in size.

Y’all – this means my body is working in absolute overdrive.

Do you know how hard it is to compensate and provide for a baby that’s getting a pound heavier every two weeks (until 35 weeks – then she’s supposed to get a pound heavier every week…yay…) with only what I put in my body? Me either, really, but I know it’s wearing me out.

Like – ready for bed at 7pm and still waking up tired – wearing me out.

Hormones are the worst.

I can be completely fine one minute, then the next I’m absolutely livid about everything that’s happening around me for no apparent reason. My poor husband has to deal with these mood swings – bless him. What makes it worse is the fact that I’m completely aware of the mood changes, but I can’t do anything about them. Aaron’s learned just to go about his business when these things happen.

The other day, Aaron said one time – nonchalantly, I’ll add – that he was tired. That one statement sent me into a tantrum that contained statements like, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TIRED IS UNTIL YOU’VE HAD AN ALMOST FOUR-POUND BABY USING YOUR BLADDER LIKE IT’S A TRAMPOLINE AND TAKING LITERALLY EVERY BIT OF NUTRIENTS THAT ENTERS YOUR BODY AWAY FROM YOU!”

…Ya know – rage for absolutely no reason…

Don’t worry – they usually end in a hug and some tears (…from me…sometimes him…mostly me…). Then, there’s the emotional eating that follows – of course.

third trimester blog 3

The “little” baby kicks aren’t cool anymore.

In the second trimester, there’s this new sensation that comes around when you finally start to feel those first flutters of your baby moving. They’re so sweet, and they’re such a big deal.

In the third trimester, however, you feel every little movement. From the bladder nuzzling to the lung kicking – it’s all there. The “little kicks” aren’t so little anymore, and suddenly, people are asking if you’re okay when your whole-body jerks due to a baby movement.

I’ve seen her butt go from one side of my belly to the other all while making my stomach look like there was an alien about to break through.

One of Joyce Anne’s favorite things to do it use my hip bone as a stool of sorts to stand on and stretch out. It’s great – promise.

All this to say – hang tough. Try your best to enjoy this time, and remember, it’s completely worth it.

Now – Bra off. Hair up. Belly Out.

You’ve got this.

third trimester blog 6


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