Long time, no see!

Sweet Friends – it’s been too long.

My life has been chaos since my last post.

SO, here’s a short life update:

For those of you that don’t know, Aaron and I found out we’re expecting our second baby. My due date is December 4, and I don’t think we could be anymore excited.


With pregnancy comes lots and lots of trips to different doctors for me. A type 1 diabetic pregnancy is very hands-on and chaotic. There are a lot of minds and a lot of support that goes into helping to make it successful. Every four weeks, I have to see my OBGYN in Habersham, my perinatologist (high risk obstetrician), and my endocrinologist (diabetic doctor). At 30 weeks, I’ll start going to my OB in Habersham on Mondays and my perinatologist on Fridays (the Friday appointment will be at least a 30-minute drive).

Just to give you a small idea as to how busy I’m about to be/how busy I’ve been.

Anyway…let me answer a few questions for you concerning this baby…

  1. No, we weren’t really trying for a baby.
  2. Yes, we’re going to find out the gender. I don’t know how people go an entire pregnancy without finding that out. I’m too much of a planner to go without knowing.
  3. No, Baby #2 and T Baby will not be Irish twins. They’ll be close but not that close.
  4. If it’s up to us, no, this won’t be our last. God’s plan for our family is bigger and better than ours, though, so if He says this is our last, then we’ll trust His plan.
  5. No, I don’t really have a preference on the gender. As long as I have a happy, healthy baby, I’m going to be one happy, healthy Mama.

I think that covers most of the questions I’ve had. If there are more, feel free to ask away.

Another thing that’s been going on in my life is a growing burden for abortion.

This has been on my heart for several, several months. It’s been a strong subject of prayer for me and my husband both because I’m losing sleep at night thinking about the horror of abortion, the women that feel like this is their only option, and the complicit stance that a lot of believers have taken concerning this cause.

Let me clarify that I am not saying there are believers that support abortion or that they are anything other than pro-life, but I AM seeing Christians stand by and do nothing. The stance that a lot of Christians are taking is one focused on the mindset that we can let people do what they want as long as we aren’t affected.


We cannot just be silent as long as our Christian liberties aren’t affected.
As believers, we’re called to stand for what’s right. If you’re standing to the side pretending there’s nothing happening, you’re just as guilty as those that support it.

Let me also tell you this:

A burden for abortion comes with a heart that has a desire to help both women who believe there’s no other option and women that have already had an abortion too.

It is NOT our job as believers to condemn those who have made the decision to end a pregnancy.

It is NOT our job as believers to guilt them.

It is NOT our job as believers to judge or to send them away.

However, It IS our job to come alongside and pick up them up.

It IS our job to offer them support and to encourage.

It IS our job to love.

I read a blog post just the other day that breaks down the fact that most women who are viewing abortion as an option aren’t killers.

These women are afraid.

“Abortion is a great evil. It’s left an ugly, gaping hole in the world where millions of image-bearing children should be. While the church has largely excelled at calling this despicable spade a spade, she often fails to see this picture: a young, often impoverished, terrified woman – who knows her baby is human! – but considers abortion anyway. Fear is incredibly potent.”

For those women that have already made the decision and have had the abortion, our job is to pick them up and tell them there’s freedom in knowing we are forgiven. There’s no guilt or shame. There’s no reason to feel the need to hide – He already knows.

There’s freedom in the love of Jesus.

For those women that are contemplating the idea of abortion, our job is to be empathetic. Our job is to love her and show her how much support she would have if she chose to carry her baby to term. Our job is to encourage her to choose life.

Our most important job, no matter which situation she’s in, is to point these women to Jesus.

SO, now you know my burden, but what am I doing about it?

Right now, I’m praying that God give me a clear picture as to what direction I need to take, but my mind immediately goes to the fact that, if we want to end abortion, we need to start supporting pregnant women – no matter what situation they’re in.

Something to think about: Could a young woman who has had premarital sex and unexpectedly become pregnant walk into your church with confidence knowing she wouldn’t be judged or outcast?

My most recent effort to be empathetic has been this thought:

What if, at a young age, I got pregnant?

What if I hadn’t waited until I got married to have sex and I ended up with a baby?

At this point, it’s too late to lecture me on the importance of purity. It’s too late to tell me that I need to save myself for my husband. The mistake has been made, and I assure it is acknowledged.

What now?

As a preacher’s daughter who absolutely knows better, could I have walked into my church knowing that I wouldn’t be judged but that I would be loved and supported?

What makes me so sad is that I don’t know.

This, of course, didn’t happen, but even thinking through this terrifies me. Thinking of getting pregnant before marriage and having to face my church and even my parents makes my stomach hurt. I would’ve known that I made a mistake. I would’ve known that I did the wrong thing. I assure you that my parents would’ve made sure of that, but could I have walked into my church and had people come alongside me and walk with me through it? Would people have held my hand and prayed with and for me and my baby, or would people avoid me and talk about me behind my back?

I don’t know.

This is the problem, my friends. The church is to be a place where people can feel safe and loved no matter their situation. How dare we make these women feel as though they can’t come in our doors because of their mistake.

Are we so perfect that we can’t love someone in spite of their sin?

No sin is greater than another sin.

Just because someone else’s sin may be made more public than yours or mine doesn’t mean they’re any more guilty than you or me.

To fight the abortion issue, let’s start with loving those who are genuinely terrified and don’t know what to do.

Let’s throw a church-wide baby shower for that single mom who made a mistake.

Let’s invite her to the women’s events.

Let’s help her get her home ready to have her baby.

Let’s love her like Jesus loves her.

“Love the sinner, hate the sin? How about: Love the sinner, hate your own sin! I don’t have time to hate your sin. There are too many of you. Hating my sin is a full-time job. How about you hate your sin, I’ll hate my sin, and let’s just love each other.”

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