Worthy: Day 3


“So I bought her for 15 shekels of silver and five bushels of barley. I said to her, ‘You must live with me for many days. Don’t be promiscuous or belong to any man, and I will act the same way toward you.’”

Hosea 1:3

The pursuit – the relentless pursuit that we see in Hosea baffles me. Why does it baffle me? Because Gomer is the worst. She is the WORST. Hosea marries her even though she’s a prostitute. Hosea chases her even though he knows she’s going to continue to be unfaithful to him. Hosea loves her even though she doesn’t love him in the way she should, and she continues to be with other men.

She’s the worst.

At this point, Hosea and Gomer are married, and Gomer has slipped back into her promiscuous ways. She leaves Hosea with the children and goes back to prostitution.

Hosea isn’t ignorant. He isn’t unaware that this is happening. He is, however, obedient when God tells him to go take Gomer back.

SO, Gomer is out, doing whatever she’s doing, and Hosea finds her. He had to search for his wife because he didn’t know where she was.

Not only did he have to search for her, HE HAD TO BUY HER TOO.

What is happening?!

Hosea didn’t have enough shekels to pay for his wife, so he had to give all the money he had plus some barley in order to secure his relationship with his wife. Can you imagine how humiliating this was for Hosea? His bride was consistently pursuing other men, yet God continued to instruct Hosea to love her.

My friends, we are Gomer.

Yep, we’re the worst.

We’re unfaithful.

We’re chasing other gods.

We continue to try to fill this void with anything and everything around us only to find ourselves standing empty in front of God again.


Just as Hosea relentlessly pursues Gomer, God is relentlessly pursuing us.

He searches for us until He finds us and brings us back to Him. When we are His we have been purchased – not with shekels or barley but with blood.

Just as Hosea was humiliated when he had to purchase his bride, Jesus was humiliated on the cross. In front of thousands of people, Jesus was beaten, naked, and left to die on the cross all for us. Hosea, after he bought Gomer back, simply asks for her faithfulness to him. He only wants her to be with him. He wants her to love him.

Jesus asks for our faithfulness to Him. He asks us to love Him. He wants us to only be His.

Hosea paints this picture of a pursuit.

The pursuer is righteous. He is good. He loves. He cares. He is faithful.

The person being pursued does not deserve the pursuit. This person runs. This person is unfaithful. This person is wicked. This person does no good.

Yet, the pursuer continues to pursue.

Sweet friends, our Pursuer wants nothing more than our love and faithfulness to Him.

He gave His life so that He could be with us for eternity.

He is worthy of everything He asks for and then some.

He is worthy of praise.

He is worthy of love.

He is worthy of our hearts.

He is worthy of our lives.

He is worthy.


He pursues you. He forgives you. He loves you. He sees your worth.

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