Sweet Friends!

I have been SO excited for the past several months to tell you about this.

Starting MONDAY there will be a 5-day devotion called “Worthy” offered on Organized Mass Chaos.

Whoop, whoop!

This study is the result of several weeks of prayer, writing and studying, and I’m beyond ready for you guys to dig into God’s Word with me.

At the beginning of August, I began a verse-by-verse study on the book of Hosea.

I fell in love with the story and all it can teach.

At the beginning of December, I began praying through what God would have me to with my blog. I was immediately reminded of Hosea and how much I loved reading and studying what this book had to say.

SO… I have studied and written and studied (again) this book in order to show you some things I have learned.



He is worthy of our praise.

He is worthy of our sacrifices.

He is worthy of our lives.

He is worthy of our families.

He is worthy, period.

We could really end the story here, but we’re gonna keep going. 


On our own, we aren’t worthy of God’s love. We aren’t worthy of His forgiveness. We aren’t worthy of His pursuit. We aren’t worthy.

If we think we’re worthy of Him, then we aren’t worthy at all.

In order for us to be worthy, we have to see how infinitely worthy God is.

This study is going to take you through the book of Hosea with a mindset that is focused on worthiness.

You have worth. Through Jesus, you have worth.

I am SO excited to walk through this study with you. I’ve prayed for those of you that do decide to do this study. I’ve prayed that God will speak through the words on your screen and that He will show you your worth. More importantly, I’ve prayed that He will show you His worth – because without Him, we are worthless.


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