Meet Hannah

Hello, Sweet Friends!

My name is Hannah Brooks. I am wife to the most amazing man in the world and Mama to the sweetest kiddos in the world. We are located in the North Georgia mountains, and we wouldn’t change a thing about where we are. Our goal as a family unit is to chase God relentlessly. We love Jesus with everything we have, and we want nothing more than to be in the middle of His plan for our lives.

Aaron is the love of my life. He’s a true family man. He will do anything he can to support and protect his own. He’s currently working with his dad in the heating and air business, but he’s also working hard to finish his degree. His goal is to teach middle school math. He has a heart for kids and cannot wait to begin his career as an educator. Aaron is an intentional dad and husband, and he is the epitome of a spiritual leader in our home. In his world, other people always come before himself. He never hesitates when it comes to helping and loving on others. He’s constantly pursuing and loving me to the best of his ability. I am married to my best friend in the whole world, and I thank God every day for that. I am currently working as a special education paraprofessional at NHMS. I get to work with some of the sweetest kids on a daily basis. I’m also in school working to earn my degree in SPED, but, one day, I hope to be a stay at home mama. It’s my dream job. Thomas is my precious baby boy. Right now, he is 1 and going on eighteen much faster than I would’ve ever imagined. He’s our first baby and oldest grandbaby on both sides…so he’s spoiled rotten…but I’m not complaining. Joyce Anne is our sweet baby girl. Right now, she’s happy in my belly, but I am SO ready for her to make her appearance sometime in November.

This blog is my effort to keep people informed on how life is for me and my family. It’s going to be a mixture of lessons I’m learning, things Jesus has laid on my heart, family, mama life, etc.

My goal is to post at least once a week. Of course, I also hope to shower at least three times a week, but, ya know, that doesn’t always happen.

So…welcome to my personal Organized Mass Chaos! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

–Hannah B.